Proud mummy and daddy. Thanks for helping; had love and cuddles this morning and a nice chat. What would we do without you! You make us a better family!! Thank you.
— Mrs SN, mother of three, Horsham
Before I had my sessions with Morag I was feeling quite stressed, but now I feel like I’ve got everything under control. I definitely feel I have my life together again- I can choose to do anything. I can change the world. It’s so nice just to feel that everything is under control.
— Elle, Year 11, Millais pupil
Morag helped me work through a difficult transition between careers with warmth, empathy, humour and insight. Not only did she help me believe I could do what I wanted, she helped me appreciate that I was good at it too.
— Mrs VS, teacher, Horsham
I’d been having treatment for thirty years, and I’d never looked at things in the way that Morag suggested before. It has been immensely helpful.
— Mrs DN, teacher, Horsham
I had an evening meeting with Morag, as there are lots of times in your life you need to think about the big picture- You need to see and you just can’t. With Morag’s help, I did think about the whole picture, family, friends and a happy life, not just material things, which mean much less. So in a nutshell -Thank you, Morag- A SHOUT OUT!
— Mr SL, Horsham
Thanks. I needed that.
— JS, (23 year old, via Facebook)
Meeting Morag and working things through with her was a great experience. She really got to the heart of what I needed to do to manage the things in my life that were getting me down. Very quickly she suggested practical steps I could take which have proved to be very useful. With her support I felt able to take immediate action and knowing I could meet with her again was hugely reassuring. I would thoroughly recommend working with Morag if you want to make some changes and take control of your own happiness.
— Mrs KJ, Horsham
I would never have been brave enough to do the things I’ve done if we hadn’t had those conversations.
— Mr JH, Horsham
I started coaching sessions with Morag at a time when I was struggling with different aspects of my life. She helped me to look at things differently, giving me further understanding about how thoughts are processed and how the brain works. She also gave me some tasks to do at home in between sessions which really helped me focus. I would highly recommend Morag.
— Ms WS, Horsham
Somehow I find it easier to talk to you than to talk to Mum and Dad about some things.
— MUW, Surrey
Talking through what I wanted to get out of my job with someone impartial really helped me to clarify my thoughts. Her calm, positive support and constant encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to negotiate the role I wanted on my return to work after maternity leave. Thank you, Morag.
— Ms AW, London