Sussex Life Magazine Article-Green Tree Gallery Summer Exhibition

I loved being at Borde Hill Gardens' Green Tree Gallery for the opening of the summer exhibition "At The Water's Edge".  I had the joy of chatting with Victoria Lovell, one of the enthusiastic partners, who told me the gallery opened in 2007 with the purpose of providing a space not only for the four partners to exhibit their own work but also to encourage other local artists.  Enjoying this interaction with all sorts of artistically-minded folk and keen to encourage new artists and established local figures, the gallery shows an eclectic mix of many styles of work.  Colourful paintings and prints are surrounded by jewellery, sculpture, books, ceramics, wood, cushions, scarves, embroidered gifts, glassware, and greeting cards.  Victoria said, "Working with a theme is so inspiring.  It's magic when all the random work comes together to make a coherent exhibition.  It's so exciting- and particularly thrilling to promote new artists!"

With this in mind, Victoria is planning an exhibition for young, emerging artists in the near future, with the possibility of liasing with local Ardingly College.  Does she have any advice for young artists, I asked.

DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Read the gallery website information.

FIND OUT HOW THE GALLERY LIKES TO BE APPROACHED... and do that...make that all important appointment!

DON'T SPAM your own website at them.

BE COURTEOUS and remember your all-important people skills.

Thanks, Victoria-  Good advice to us all!